2016 Jonathan Boulter Memorial Lecture

Last year Shevach, Rudensky and Sakaguchi were the 2015 Thomson Reuters Citation Laureates and were predicted 2015 Nobel Prize winners in Medicine for “their seminal discoveries concerning the nature and function of immune cells known as regulatory T cells and the function of Foxp3, a master regulator of these cells”.  Regulatory T cells have been shown to specifically inhibit part of the immune system and to be involved in the regulation of cancer, autoimmune diseases and allergy.  Over the last 20 years, more than 1,400 articles have been published on Regulatory T cells from laboratories based in the United Kingdom and over 40,000 worldwide.

The modulation of regulatory T-cells is a critical field with relevance to the treatment of cancer and autoimmune disease using immunotherapy: pioneer and world expert in the field, Dr Shevach from the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, USA will give the annual Jonathan Boulter Memorial Lecture on October 12 2016 at 4pm at the Michael Griffin lecture theatre, Heath Park.

If you wish to meet with Dr Shevach, please contact Stephan Caucheteux: caucheteuxs@cardiff.ac.uk

J Boulter lecture