Criteria for Investment


Criteria for investment

The key criterion for investment is World class nature of the scientific research involved. The Network Board reviews all of the studentship and project proposals against the following investment criteria.

Criteria for investment

  • Research Excellence
  • In an excellent laboratory
  • In an area of unmet medical opportunity
  • Possibility of commercialisation
  • Potential to leverage further research funding (e.g. RCUK or the EU)
  • Collaboration: including within Wales, across academic disciplines and with third parties such as industry, NHS or charities.
  • Timeline and Risk

Applicants are expected to demonstrate that their applications meet these investment criteria.

The Network is keen to invest in high quality labs where the infrastructure, equipment and support are in place to maximise the chances of the investment progressing to its maximum extent. Not all projects are expected to have immediate short term commercial potential but a route to development (eg via Gates, or Wellcome or other) should be presented. We also believe that early involvement and partnership with Industry is highly beneficial in this space, though may not be appropriate on all cases, particularly for very early stage work. Industrial co-sponsorship is at the core of our business model and a key factor in delivering value for money.

For postgraduate proposals, the Network expects the host institution to provide a clear generic skills and subject-specific skills training package for each student. The Network will also co-ordinate further training opportunities as well as ensuring that each students has the necessary employability skills necessary to effectively engage with the pharmaceutical industry.