Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Maria Oliver

Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash

May 20, 2021


01:00 PM - 02:00 PM

We are excited to announce that our next speaker will be Dr Maria Oliver, of INDOOR Biotechnologies Ltd. Dr Oliver will be delivering her talk "Indoor Biotechnologies; The experts in Allergy…and beyond" on May 20th 2021.

From Dr Oliver: INDOOR BIOTECHNOLOGIES Ltd is a global biotechnology company specialising in allergy. We are world leaders in assessment of environmental allergen exposure, offering the world’s largest range of purified natural and recombinant allergens and allergen specific antibodies and immunoassays.

Utilising Luminex xMAP® technology allows us to provide superior sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility for allergen measurement, including the ability to evaluate the exposure of laboratory workers to animal allergens. Furthermore, our expertise in this multiplexing technology allows us to measure multiple cytokines in one sample. With the numerous kits and vast panels that are available on the Luminex xMAP® platform, this has allowed for collaboration with a number of academic researchers, most recently in partnership with academics from Cardiff University in a successful Accelerate grant bid.

INDOOR Biotechnologies in Cardiff also boasts a bespoke Environmental Testing Suite (ETS). The suite is primarily used to test the safety and efficacy of home and personal care products, including allergen removal claims, but the scope for potential projects to utilise this facility is huge.

The lunchtime seminar will cover the areas described above in more detail, and INDOOR Biotechnologies are keen to develop further academic collaborations with Welsh researchers.