Recently funded Studentships, Research Projects, Impact Awards and Platforms

The Network has funded the following in its latest call:

Round 4 Funded Studentships

The network recently funded 13 Studentships in the 4th Round. Funded studentships include (PI and project title):

Prof Morgan, Targeting the terminal pathway in complement-driven disease

Dr Davies, Investigating novel small molecule enzyme inhibitors for treating cognitive decline and dementia

Dr Wang, Inhibiting IL-17 production by blocking endogenous RORγt agonists for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Dr Tsai, Design and in vitro characterisation of a novel multimodular targeting platform for cancer treatment

Dr Tai, Smart Multifunctional Nanocarriers with Biodegradable and Dual Responsive (pH and temperature) Properties from Hyperbranched Polymers for Targeted Cancer Drug Delivery

Dr Johnson, Multiplexed in vitro assay for genetic toxicity screening

Dr Taylor, Targeting zinc signalling to prevent cell division in cancer

Dr Rozanowska, Novel Drug Therapy For Mitochondrial Optic Neuropathy and other Mitochondrial Diseases

Dr McBride, Developing an ovine model of Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Prokopovich, Nanotechnology induced prolonged antimicrobial activity of antibiotic loaded PMMA bone cements

Prof Sewell, Development of artificially enhanced T cells for targeting cancer

Prof Kanamarlapudi, Targeting of interleukin‐13 receptor (IL‐13R)2 expressing pancreatic cancer by a novel hybrid lytic peptide drug

Dr Lloyd-Evans, Developing new small molecule therapies for lysosomal diseases

Round 4 Funded Projects

The Network has recently awarded 15 round 4 research project grants. These include (PI and title):

Prof Sheldon, Countering the unrestrained inflammation of sepsis by targeting the JAK-STAT pathway in human macrophages

Prof Riccardi, Addressing an unmet medical need: developing inhaled calcilytics for steroid-resistant asthma

Dr Fallis, Long Life Imaging Probes for Dementia Patient Stratification

Dr Fallis18F-Gemcitabine as Diagnostic Tool in Personalised Chemotherapy

Prof Brambilla, Validation in rodent models of a novel approach to treat mood disorders based on ERK signalling stimulation

Prof Aeschlimann, A new angle to diagnosis and treatment of gluten related disorders

Dr Peall, Development of a Drosophila melanogaster model for SGCE mutation positive Myoclonus Dystonia

Dr Westwell, Chimeric phosphoramidate ProTides as anticancer and antiviral agents with fluorescent probes.

Dr Staples, Targeting Homologous Recombination to sensitise cancer cells to DNA-damaging agents

Prof Gumbleton, Development of Novel BMA-sulfobetaine Nanoparticle Delivery system to treat chronic wound infections

Dr Gwenin, The first preclinical analysis for a novel magnetically directed cancer treatment

Dr Loveridge, Novel antibacterial and antifungal natural products from Pseudomonas mesoacidophila

Prof Casini, Targeting G-quadruplex nucleic acid structures with caffeine gold compounds for cancer treatment

Dr Westwell, Developing Bcl3 inhibitors as anti-metastatic drug candidates

Dr Brancale, Development of a safer method for corneal stromal photo-crosslinking to stop the progression of keratoconus or to treat bacterial corneal infections

Round 2 Funded Impact Awards

The Network has recently funded 4 Research Impact Awards. These include (PI and title):

Dr Gonzalez, ADC targets from in-silico high-throughput screening identification into target validation

Dr Parker, Evaluation of folate receptor α (FRα) binding oligopeptides for targeted gene and drug delivery

Dr Patel, Evaluation of Novel CD200:CD200R Blockade Cancer Immunotherapy

Dr Francis, Targeted metabolic inhibition of T-lymphocytes: directing immunity during human disease

Round 2 Funded Platform Grant

The Network has recently funded one Platform Grant (PI and title):

Dr Piggott, Development of a PDX platform for Drug Discovery and Studies of Disease Biology in Wales