Round 2 Funded Projects

In July 2014 the Network launched the 2nd Postdoctoral project grant (fellowship) round and has confirmed funding to 11 research projects. These include (PI and title):

Prof McGuigan, The design, Synthesis and evaluation of novel agents acting in the CNS

Dr Francis, Optimisation of T-cell metabolism for anti-cancer vaccination

Dr Parker, Developing targeted virotherapies for advanced, platinum resistant ovarian cancer.

Prof Allemann, Anti-inflammatory calpain inhibitor leads

Dr Brancale, Discovery and development of a novel therapeutic for the treatment of inflammatory lung disorders

Dr Gonzalez, Rational design of antibody drug conjugate targets – unlocking a goldmine and war chest.

Dr Nishio-Ayre, Delivery of osteogenic molecules from acrylic bone cement to encourage regenerative bone repair around cemented joint replacements.

Dr Loveridge, Lytic transglycosylases – a potential Achilles’ heel for antibiotic-resistant bacteria?

Dr Westwell, Discovery of novel site-specific FAK inhibitors for potential treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Dr Wang, Modelling motor neuron disease using patient derived iPS cells for novel theraputic discovery

Dr Patel, Development of novel CD200:CD200R Blockade cancer immunotherapy