Cancer Metastasis Modelling Platform

Cancer Metastasis Modelling Platform

Cancer metastasis is the most life threatening event in patients with cancer. The process is composed of a number of sequential events which must be completed in order for the tumour cell to successfully metastasize, the so called metastatic cascade. Effective treatment for metastatic cancer is an ongoing challenge to patients as well as to health professionals. One of the scientific challenges to this clinical problem is the lack of successfully realised targets and therapies.

The platform enables the testing and discovery of potential agents or molecules that are involved in metastasis. This involves an integrated programme of assay and tests, beginning with molecular discovery, right up to in vivo testing. Researchers across Wales can benefit from our excellent and one of a kind facilities by being able to test and evaluate their potential therapeutics or targets at a “one-stop-shop”.

Jiang platform flowchart Jiang platform metastasis

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Prof Wen G. Jiang,
Director of the Cardiff China Medical Collaborative, (029) 20687864