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(C) Huw John, Cardiff.


Since Jan 2014 the Network has funded a total of 56 studentships across Wales.

Round 4 Studentships

The network funded 13 Studentships in the 4th Round. Funded studentships include (PI and project title):

Prof Morgan, Targeting the terminal pathway in complement-driven disease

Dr Davies, Investigating novel small molecule enzyme inhibitors for treating cognitive decline and dementia

Dr Wang, Inhibiting IL-17 production by blocking endogenous RORγt agonists for the treatment of autoimmune diseases

Dr Tsai, Design and in vitro characterisation of a novel multimodular targeting platform for cancer treatment

Dr Tai, Smart Multifunctional Nanocarriers with Biodegradable and Dual Responsive (pH and temperature) Properties from Hyperbranched Polymers for Targeted Cancer Drug Delivery

Dr Johnson, Multiplexed in vitro assay for genetic toxicity screening

Dr Taylor, Targeting zinc signalling to prevent cell division in cancer

Dr Rozanowska, Novel Drug Therapy For Mitochondrial Optic Neuropathy and other Mitochondrial Diseases

Dr McBride, Developing an ovine model of Alzheimer’s disease

Dr Prokopovich, Nanotechnology induced prolonged antimicrobial activity of antibiotic loaded PMMA bone cements

Prof Sewell, Development of artificially enhanced T cells for targeting cancer

Prof Kanamarlapudi, Targeting of interleukin‐13 receptor (IL‐13R)2 expressing pancreatic cancer by a novel hybrid lytic peptide drug

Dr Lloyd-Evans, Developing new small molecule therapies for lysosomal diseases

Round 3 Studentships

In December 2014 the Network launched the 3rd Studentship round. Funded studentships include (PI and project title):

Dr Heard, Towards the repurposing existing of topical antimicrobials by ligand complexation.

Prof Hoffmann, Repositioning histone methyltransferase inhibitors as next generation anthelmintics.

Prof Mur, Exploiting natural products from Hops (Humulus lupulus) to suppress tuberculosis.

Prof Sheldon, Manipulation of squalene synthase to limit bacterial infections.

Dr Howell, Treating Progressive Multiple Sclerosis Using A Novel Neuroprotective And Anti-Inflammatory approach.

Dr Del Sol, Companion diagnostic development guides Antibody-Drug Conjugate formulation: Implications for patient stratification and precision medicine.

Dr Cai, Combining carbon monoxide (CO)-releasing molecules with anti-VEGF therapy for triple-negative breast cancer therapy.

Prof Doak, Design and evaluation of an antibody-drug conjugate for prostate cancer treatment.

Prof Brophy, Towards validation of an immune suppressor protein from liver fluke as a drug target.

Prof Triantafilou, Peptides derived from Yersinia pestis V antigen as novel therapeutic interventions for sepsis.

Prof Doak, Mechanistic evaluation of the impact of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles conjugated with drugs (SPIONd) on intracellular signalling/homeostatic mechanisms.

Dr Creevey, Computational approaches to mining the rumen micro biome for novel antimicrobials.

Dr Gwenin, Testing a novel chemotherapy delivery system using two dinitrobenzamide mustard prodrugs.


Round 2 Studentships

In March 2014 the Network launched the 2nd Studentship round. Funded studentships include (PI and project title):

Prof Hoffmann,  Increasing the selectivity and potency of a novel anthelmintic chemical entity.

Dr Westwell, Radiosynthesis of 18 F-labelled pro-nucleotides (ProTides) for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging.

Dr Moseley, Pharmaceutical evaluation of novel tiglianes as modulators of dermal fibroblast-myofibroblast differentiation, scar formation and fibrosis; and elucidation of their underlying mechanisms of action.

Prof Mahenthiralingam, Development of vietnamycin: a novel Burkholderia antibiotic targeting mupirocin resistant methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Prof Mur, Identifying new antimicrobial drugs in microbes from extreme environments.

Prof Mur, Targeting natural products to counter the challenge of MRSA.

Dr A Jones, Biological evaluation of [L] ddBCNAs as novel cell-targeting antivirals.

Prof Allemann, An Innovative Approach to New Antimicrobial Drugs.

Dr Young, Structure-based design of human P2X4-selective small-molecule modulators.

Dr Pertusati, Diastereoselective Synthesis of Phosphoroamidate Prodrugs.