Past Events

Past Events

Feb 16 - LSRNW Congress Booking Open:

16th & 17th February 2023 Draft Programme/Rhaglen February 16th/Chwefror 16eg Read More

Dec 20 - LSRNW Online Writing Retreat 20 December 2022

Set aside some quiet time in the run up to Christmas to get a paper, grant application or anything else you might be writing ticked off the list. Read More

Jul 15 - Writers Retreat - 15/07/2022 In - person (Free)

Working on a paper or a grant application? Or perhaps you are in the process of writing up your thesis? Join our virtual writing retreat for the day, where you will be guided through techniques and exercises to maximise your productivity while avoiding burnout. Designed to support academic writing, the retreat is free and open...
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May 31 - Writers Retreat -online- 31 May 2022

Looking forward to the next online Writers Retreat ! Read More

May 6 - Writing Retreat - in person!

Looking forward to the May Writers Retreat in person ! Read More

Mar 31 - Writers Retreat - online -31.03.2022

Looking forward to the next Writers Retreat – Online Read More

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Dec 10 - LSRNW Winter Writing Retreat

We’re running one final writing retreat before Christmas. Join us for some calm, structured writing to improve your productivity and prepare you for your Christmas break. The virtual workshop begins with an introduction at 9.30am, followed by writing blocks & breaks, finishing at 4.30pm. We include a break from 3-3.30pm for school pick-up. During the...
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Image shows a fluorescence microscopy image of a parasite, with cells stained bright orange and yellow. The background is black.

Nov 18 - Lunchtime Seminar: Prof Karl Hoffmann

Prof Hoffmann, LSNRW Network Director and professor at Aberystwyth University, researches schistosome parasites. Schistosomiasis (Bilharzia) is a neglected tropical disease, disproportionately affecting children. More than 230 million people are at risk of this disease, globally. Read More

Fluorescence microscopy image of metastatic melanoma cells

Nov 2 - LSRNW MediWales Life Sciences Research Showcase

Join us for this free, one-day event to hear about some of the leading life science research happening in Wales today. Speakers will be drawn from across Welsh Universities & companies, and will include researchers with successful commercial partnerships and spin outs. Our three morning sessions will involve researchers from each of LSRNW’s three interest...
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Oct 21 - Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Edgar Hartsuiker

LSRNW Director, Dr Hartsuiker, is an expert in DNA repair mechanisms and cancer biology, and is based at Bangor University. Read More

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Sep 21 - LSNRW Autumn Writing Retreat

The summer is over, so help get yourself back into your writing stride with our virtual writing retreat. As with our previous events, this retreat will guide you through techniques and exercises to maximize your productivity while avoiding burnout. Specifically designed to support academic writing, the retreat is free, and open to anyone at a...
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Photograph of a young white man wearing a suit and tie, giving a speech at a podium.

Sep 16 - Lunchtime Seminar: Dr George Johnson

Dr Johnson, of Swansea University, is interested in genetic toxicology, human health risk assessment, imaging flow cytometry and dose response modelling. Alongside his academic research, Dr Johnson acts as a consultant to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, via Swansea Innovations. Read More

Sep 13 - LSRNW Autumn Networking Event

Grow your networks ready for the 2021/22 academic year! **Please note this event replaces our Summer Networking Event, previously scheduled for July 8th. If you have already registered for the Summer Event, your booking will be automatically carried over. Please email us on if you can no longer attend** Our free half-day networking event...
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Aug 5 - LSRNW Late Summer Writing Retreat

The sun is shining…and it’s time to catch up on your writing. Take advantage of the summer quiet to finally get that bit of writing done. Whether it’s a grant application, a paper, a fellowship application, or a chapter of your thesis, join our free writing retreat for some focused, productive writing time. This event...
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Jul 15 - Lunchtime Seminar: Prof Cathy Thornton

Swansea University’s Prof Cathy Thornton is a leading researcher in the area of immunological adaptation in pregnancy. She is also interested in the effect of antenatal determinants on childhood immune health. Her research supports global challenges related to improving maternal and neonatal health outcomes. One of Prof Thornton’s core areas of research expertise is in...
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Jun 22 - LSRNW Early Summer Writing Retreat

Get a head start on your grant applications, or finally finish that thesis chapter, by joining our free virtual writing retreat! This is the first of two writing retreats that we will be holding this summer. This event is open to academics and final year post graduate students at any Welsh HEI. The structured writing...
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Jun 17 - Advanced Therapies Special Event

For many researchers, progressing their research along the pathway to the clinic is challenging. This is particularly true of advanced therapies, including stem cell and gene therapy, CAR-T cells and oncolytic viruses, to name a few. These revolutionary approaches bring with them increased regulatory load, high costs, and the need for specialist cGMP facilities. Bringing...
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May 20 - Lunchtime Seminar: Dr Maria Oliver

We are excited to announce that our next speaker will be Dr Maria Oliver, of INDOOR Biotechnologies Ltd. Dr Oliver will be delivering her talk “Indoor Biotechnologies; The experts in Allergy…and beyond” on May 20th 2021. From Dr Oliver: INDOOR BIOTECHNOLOGIES Ltd is a global biotechnology company specialising in allergy. We are world leaders in...
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Apr 27 - LSRNW Spring Networking Event

We are excited to launch our first virtual networking event on Tuesday April 27th, from 9.45am. This free event is open to researchers in the life sciences from anywhere in Wales, including those in HEIs, the NHS, and in private companies. The event is particularly recommended for researchers looking to raise their research profile for major...
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Apr 19 - LSRNW Spring Writing Retreat

The LSRNW Writers’ Retreat gives participants the opportunity to devote a whole day to writing in a quiet, structured, and supportive atmosphere. The retreat will take place on Monday April 19th, and is free to attend. The retreat is facilitated by Dr Pam Lock, a lecturer from the English Department at University of Bristol who has been running these retreats...
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Apr 15 - Lunchtime Seminar: Prof Andrea Brancale

Our first lunchtime seminar will be given by LSRNW Director, Prof Andrea Brancale, who will be talking about the new phase of the LSRNW as well as his latest research in drug discovery. The seminar will be held at 1pm on Thursday April 15th 2021. Join our mailing list to ensure you receive the access...
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