LSRNW Translational Support Fund 2018

The Translational Support Fund

The Translational Support Fund will allocate up to £5,000 to directly enhance the translational potential of existing drug discovery research projects.The call is open to all Welsh Universities, although preference will be given to NRN-funded projects.

Projects must fall within the NRN’s current therapeutic remit of infectious diseases, neuroscience and oncology, although other areas of unmet medical and veterinary need will also be considered.

The second call is now open

The deadline for applications is 31st July 2018. Please find the link to the application form and guidance notes:

Translational Support Fund Guidance Round 2

Translational Support Fund Application Form Round 2


The first call closed on 1st June 2018. The following projects were funded:

Professor Hoffmann, ADME/toxicology analyses of lead Schistosoma mansoni histone methyltransferase (HMT) inhibitors (Aberystwyth University)

Dr Rodrigues, In vivo testing of GATA-2-specific inhibitors to target leukaemia stem cells (LSCs) in acute myeloid leukaemia (Cardiff University)

Professor Westwell, Anticancer site-specific FAK inhibitors – kinase selectivity profiling (Cardiff University)

Professor Hoffmann, Roboworm IV: Development of a motility image analysis model for newly excysted juvenile Fasciola hepatica

Dr Lloyd-Evans, Development of a clinical trial of miglustat in the Batten family of childhood epilepsies (Cardiff University)

Professor Sheldon, Exemplification of a novel inhibitor of squalene synthase (MPEX098) to increase skin cell tolerance to bacterial cytolysins (Swansea University)

Professor Dyson, Translation of bacterial mediated therapeutic RNAi of solid tumours by demonstrating PARP inhibition in preclinical trials (Swansea University)

Wioleta Zelek, Targeting the terminal pathway in complement – driven disease (Cardiff University)