Newly Awarded Postdoctoral Projects


In February 2014 Life Sciences Research Network Wales launched a Postdoctoral project grant (fellowship) round. Project Grants are specifically aimed at allowing academics to undertake preliminary speculative research with the ultimate goal of providing the exemplification data to submit a major research application. The Network has confirmed funding to 11 research projects. These include (PI and title):

  • Prof Jiang, Evaluation of Transglutaminase-4 as a therapeutic and target and diagnostic tool in human prostate cancer.
  • Dr Bugert, Mechanism of action of [L] ddBCNAs as novel cell-targeting antivirals
  • Dr Prokopovich, Nanocarrier controlled delivery of antibiotics from acrylic bone cement
  • Prof. Clarke, Developing a stem-cell containing 3D culture model for pre-clinical studies of colorectal cancer therapeutics
  • Dr Gwenin, Optimising cellular uptake of enzyme/gold-coated magnetic nanoparticle conjugates
  • Dr Huws, Further prospecting and characterisation of novel antimicrobials from bovine metagenomes
  • Prof. Conlan, Nanoparticle delivery of epigenetic modifiers: a targeted approach for Endometrial Cancer treatment.
  • Prof. Dyson, Bacterial-mediated RNA interference as a new therapy to target advanced prostate cancer.
  • Dr Fallis, Multi-Modal Theranostics (MMTs) – Towards Personalized Cancer Therapies
  • Dr Cai, Targeting αB-crystallin (CRYAB): A possible novel strategy to impede triple-negative breast cancer growth
  • Dr Jenkins, Development of human liver tissue models for drug safety assessment.